2019/2020 Catastophic Bushfires in Australia

When news of the bushfires in Australia broke internationally we were already very aware of the dire situation in Australia.  For those who don’t know me … I’m Rachel, the founder of Bilby and Bear. I was born and raised in Australia. I moved to Canada 11 years ago and my family in Australia are tackling this devastating disaster.

My father is a Macadamia Nut farmer outside Bundaberg, Queensland and they are on high alert as the fires rage in the state forest not far from his property.  While the fires in this area of Queensland are currently ‘under control’ the fires in NSW and VIC are raging, out-of-control and catastropic.

At Bilby and Bear – as part of our Purchase With a Positive Impact campaign – we wanted to donate to several amazing charities that are helping both the people and animals of Australia.

We chose two charities:

Together Rising and the collection of charities they put together to support (find out about them here)

And also to Celeste Barber’s campaigns that raised over 51 million dollars (find out about her campaigns here)

We are praying for rain. Pouring rain. And praying for the safety of the first responders doing everything they can to tackle the fires … and the safety of the people and wildlife of Australia. No words can really describe how we’re feeling. Just know we’re praying. Big time.

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