Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering Questions

Where Can I Buy Bilby and Bear Products?

All Bilby and Bear products are sold exclusively through the Amazon marketplace (  You can shop for your favorite items right here on our website and the ‘buy now’ button will take you straight to an Amazon checkout!  We want our customers to have the fastest, best and cheapest shipping options available – and that’s through Amazon!

How Can I Check Up On My Order?

Easy!  Head to your Amazon App or log in to your Amazon account and all your order information will be listed there for your convenience.

How Do I Track My Order?

You can follow the progress of your order through your account on

What If I Have Questions About My Order or Your Products?

We might be a small business but we’re BIG on providing great customer service.  Reach out to us with your product questions – we’re here to help!

 All questions relating to shipping (and orders that have been placed) will go through your Amazon account … and we’ll answer you directly through the Amazon messaging platform.

 Either way … reach out … we’ve got you covered when you need us!

I Love Your Products! Where Can I Leave a Review?

There’s nothing we love more than happy customers!  We love hearing how our products are working out for you.

When you leave a review on Amazon it REALLY helps small businesses like ours!  It’s so simple … just head to and in seconds you can leave us your feedback and help other families find out about us too!  Thanks a bunch!

How Do I Make a Return If I Need To?

If you need to return your product it’s simple through your Amazon account.  Please reach out to us via email first before making your return – that way we can give you the best customer service possible.

Product Questions

Are Your Products Certified and Tested for Safety?

YES! We are a true safety leader.  At Bilby and Bear all of our products are meticulously 3rd-party inspected and certified by SGS – the global leader in testing with over 140 years experience adhering to the strictest standards.

Rest assured our products are tested to meet strict FDA standards, are CA prop 65 approved and BPA free.

We go above and beyond to make sure our products are the highest quality possible.

Where Are Your Products Manufactured?

We take great care in selecting where Bilby and Bear products are made.  All of our products are marked with the location of the factory and most of our products are being responsibily manufactured in the P.R.C

We responsibly source every factory we work with prior to production.  We choose facilities that are 3rd-party inspected and those that adhere to the high standards that we expect for our products.

How Can I Learn More About the Product I've Purchased?

We love creating great resources for our fans to access so that you can make the most of your Bilby and Bear products.

We have video content on our website that will help you get the most out of your purchase as well as a ton of great resources on our blog!

We are with you every step of the way … if you’re not sure about something just reach out … we’re here to help!

Who Should I Contact If I Have Product Questions?

Email us: and we will be happy to answer any of your questions!

If it’s more convenient to reach out on any of our social media channels … that’s another great option too.

FOMO!? How Can I Find Out When New Products Are Being Released?

The BEST way to keep in the loop is to sign up for our newsletter – just enter your email at the bottom of this page.

The other great way is to follow us on Social Media … we love sharing what’s new … we pride ourselves in providing great blog posts and articles that help make the challenges of parenting easier.  And lots of other fun stuff too!  Our social media links are all on our ‘Let’s Get Social’ tab in the top menu!

Do Your Products Come with a Warranty?

Yes!  We stand by our products. If you’re not satisfied please reach out to us via phone or email and we’ll make it right!

General Questions

Who Started Bilby and Bear?

I’d love to introduce myself!  G’day I’m Rachel: founder of Bilby and Bear. I work from my home office in the beautiful foothills of the Canadian Rockies, designing and developing products that make life easier for busy families.

Before I became a mom, I was an elementary school teacher for over 10 years. I’m also a yoga teacher and a certified mindfulness teacher who specializes in teaching mindfulness to youth. I have a passion for improving peoples’ lives and family is the most important thing to me!

As a mom of two, I’m all too familiar with the craziness of family life. My first-born (my son, Lawson) was such a fussy eater – mealtime madness was a common occurrence in our house. I tried everything to get him to eat, including working with a Pediatric Feeding Therapist, which is how I learned that bringing fun and positivity to the dinner table gets kids interested in their food.

This experience inspired me to create the first Bilby and Bear product: the football-themed Game Day Dinner Plate and Spinner Board Game. We’re a sports-loving family so it’s no surprise our first product was sports related!

But where did the brand name come from? Once again, it was family that inspired me! I’m originally from Australia and my husband is Canadian. My daughter, Cadence, has a stuffed toy bilby (an endangered Australian animal); Lawson has a stuffed toy black bear. I put the two together and came up with a brand name that not only represents two cherished toys but also the two countries that make up our family unit.

Fast-forward to now, and I’m committed to helping solve the everyday challenges of parenthood through unique, fun and high-quality products sourced from reputable, 3rd-party certified, manufacturers.

Where Are You Based?

We are based in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains just outside Calgary in Alberta, Canada.  We are a small business with a BIG vision. 

All of the creative magic happens here in Canada and we team up with our manufacturers around the world to make our creations come to life.

How Can I Follow You On Social Media?

Yes – please join us on our social media platforms – engaging with our fans is our favorite part of the day.

We love hearing from you.  Just click the ‘Let’s Get Social’ tab above and you’ll find our social media sites!  Our handle is @bilbyandbear

Can I Order Directly From You?

All of our products are stored in Amazon warehouses across the world and are shipped directly from Amazon.  But rest assured – even though you’re buying on Amazon – it’s a purchase from our small business.

Amazon has created unbeatable warehousing and fulfilment infrastruture across the globe.  We knew that if we teamed up with Amazon to store our products in their warehouses that we could get you your orders with the fastest and best shipping options on the planet.

We want you to get your products fast and Amazon does that better than anyone else with their seemless global networks.

I've Heard You Have a Product Testers Group ... How Do I Join?

Want to be part of the team?  We’d love to have you and your family join our VIP Customers and Product Testers Group. 

Here’s the link: VIP Product Testers Group… see you on the inside!


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